Thursday, August 4, 2011

Looking For My Real Friend

You know those horribly snotty girls in 7th grade who were your best friend during the summer and by the third week of September, walk past you without looking while chatting with a clique of "popular" kids? Sure you do. We all watched that drama unfold when we were 12. 

So today, I'm feeling like I've been the snotty girl and Weight Watchers was my best friend until I got distracted by some super cliquey, danger foods and I've been walking right past the website and the food journal and the power foods, and with a little attitude, grabbed my coffee and pastry and headed for the sofa where we could commiserate about that whiny food program. "She's SUCH a downer!"

My popular pastry pal turned out to be exactly who she always was, a vapid, vacuous, overdone, over rated, empty calorie, shallow dish.

I'm wandering the halls now headed to my summer friend's lonely table to ask her if it's too late to join her again. We really did have fun, she was always there for me-no matter what and and she never lied to me.

I'm bringing her an apple as a peace offering...