Monday, April 22, 2013

What A Woman Wants

Romance and all that it encompasses; it must be in the air.
Recently, I’ve heard a slew of conversations about what women want; guys talking, of course. And it’s usually laced with hands being thrown up in the air for comedic exaggeration or sometimes, blind frustration, as if they are painstakingly attempting to resolve a solution for quantum gravity.
Do you honestly want to know what a woman wants? Can you handle it? We're all adults here and if this is too adult for you then you shouldn't be concerned with big people things that are real or messy, so go read a crafting blog. OK, here it is.
A woman wants someone who will walk up to her, wind their fingers into her hair and kiss the stupid right out of her. A woman wants someone who will see her when she’s happy, when she’s sad and when she’s pissed off and they will find all of those moments equally adorable.
A woman wants a senseless argument to be ended with your lips on hers and your arms around her making smooth circles on her back while you tell her how much you love her and that this is a moment that will pass.
A woman wants to know that she is enough for you and she wants to know that your heart stops and starts again when she kisses you back.
A woman wants someone who will tell her to open her eyes because you want to see how you make her feel just as you slide into her. And a woman wants to know, without a doubt, that since you found her, no other person in the world except her, is ever going to have a chance to hear you say that again.
That’s what a woman really wants. This isn’t rocket science. It’s the same stuff she wanted when she was 15 years old and the world was not really that complicated.
Not a single one of those things will cost you one thin dime. What they will cost you is a wide open heart and a willingness to be all in; to be there through every glorious, steamy, crazy, beautiful, angry, joyful, tragic and magnificent moment and, it will be worth it.
That’s what a woman wants.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I did it.
I gathered up the zillion pens, pencils, sharpies, and highlighters and went through the mountain to see what still worked. While tossing out many, I rediscovered favorite pens that fit my hands just so and whose ink moves ...easily, inspiring me to write something, anything, just to feel the flow.
There were probably things I intended to write down when I saved each writing instrument. There were probably important things I should have, could have said to someone, in my own handwriting so it would carry a bit more of my energy all the way to them, wherever they were. The ink dried up, the pen stopped working and I missed the opportunity to say it, to write it. If our words of love to family and friends were stored in the junk drawer, captured in the barrel of a blue Bic, could we lay our hands on that pen and take the time to write down those flower words and send them to our beloveds? Would we, before the ink dries out, before we’re gone, before they are gone?
Even after throwing out a good two dozen pens, I still have a healthy stack just waiting to be my love conspirator. The ink will flow and the words will land just so until they are picked up by my dearest dears and stored inside their hearts. I need to start using each drop of precious ink now to shape love on paper before the chance moves on; before the ink evaporates and returns to the sea of words where they’ll wait for someone else to draw them down.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Blogging, like a New Year's resolution, begins as a great intention. I'll write once a day! OK, once a week. Screw that, I'll write when something starts itching and I need to scratch it ... with words ... on the Internet.
Though I'd like to write on here on a more regular basis, life always takes priority. And even with the daily chores and responsibilities, occasionally, something super shiny flashes in front of our eyes and like Dory, the fish in Finding Nemo, off we go to see where the shiny thing leads. Last year, my daughter, knowing my love of absurd and wonderful crap, introduced me to Pinterest. It's official, I'm in love.

Pinterest is the place where you can shop to your hearts desire and never spend a single dime. It's a cyber attic where you can store all the holiday decorating ideas that would normally live in three dimensional storage boxes filled with magazines that you don't want to throw away because you might really, really need the instructions for creating the pine cone card holders for the Christmas buffet tables. Hoarders should discover Pinterest and use only that to collect their garbage before they end up burying their family and pets alive.

Pinterest is the Large Hadron Collider of every word that moves you, every joke that makes coffee come out your nose and every picture of a sweet baby animal looking, well, sweet. It's the hope chest you never actually had where you can put the clothes you'll never own and the detailed plans for the dream house you will never build. It sounds bleak when I say it that way, but it's not. 

I believe that Pinterest is the single greatest invention for personal development that has been introduced to humanity since psychotherapy. Yeah. I said that.

I've been to workshops and have even hosted them in my home, where guests create vision boards to enable them to be more clear about what it is they want to have in their lives. Tables are filled with scissors, glue sticks and stacks of magazines and photos that are then transformed into succinct pieces of artwork that map out a path from where you are now to where you want to be in the near future.Pictures of the perfect little black dress in the perfect size are glued on the big white board right next to the word proclamations like YES and BE HEARD. Lakeside cabin photos are connected to pictures of a storefront showing where the money will come from to buy said cabin. Al fresco tables with family gathered, laughter and gorgeous food running down the middle captures the desire for more connection with those we love. 

Pinterest is a gigantic vision board area that is free and its only limits are the amount of your free time and your imagination.

If I were young and single and I wanted to know more about the person I'm interested in, I'd be looking for their Pinterest boards. Right there in front of your face is everything you'll ever need to know about who they are, what makes them laugh, what touches their souls, what thrills them and
who they aspire to be.

I'm hooked like a Pin junkie. In my spare time, in waiting rooms or airport gate areas, even during mediocre TV shows and especially commercials, I can be found with my Kindle Fire on my lap. I sort and pin treasures and trash onto my current 59 boards and almost 6,000 pins. I've got new followers everyday who check to see what wonders I've found and I love to follow other people's pins to their original sites to find that they live in Kosovo or New Zealand or Seoul.

Women seem to comprise the biggest number of pinners, though I've been pleasantly surprised to find a lot of guys following the boards I've set up to hold the gear and clothing inspirations for my urban fantasy story characters. There's nothing like a 12 piece Kunai throwing knife set or a hot picture of a black Aventador to make a guy go see who the heck this person is pinning that intriguing stuff. Imagine their surprise when they find that I also have a board solely devoted to pictures of animals waving hello.

There is crazy wisdom out there in cyber world and inspiration for anything you are going through or heading towards. There are Weight Watcher's tips and recipes and inspiring quotes to get you back on track and keep you there and humor galore to give you a laugh or ten every single day. 

So where have I been? Everywhere, and right here, creating tiny worlds that hold areas of my heart.

Come see my little worlds...but be warned, it's addicting.