Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cell Phone Camera Art

Though I have worked in 35mm photography, I am currently mesmerized by what we can do with the little cameras in our cellphones. This collection was done only with cell phones- in particular, Samsung Galaxy phones of several generations. Mostly natural light and all this beauty is close to home.

This little photography site is a window to the world you'll want to see. Millions of cameras capture life on Earth every single day. How do you see it? How do I see it?

Beauty, beauty everywhere. Enjoy...

Artichoke Study

My daughter, Samm, at the dining room window

Lucca Spaghetti, my barn rescue cat

Driveway wonder. Crocus, first flowers of spring

You can see the whole collection here:

Friday, April 3, 2015

No Soliciting

November 15th might be the opening of Deer Season in Michigan, but this week is the opening of Door Season.

They'rrrrrreee Baaaaack! I have had solicitors at my door every day this week selling everything from lawn care to new windows to Jesus to legislation to actual-freaking-doors.

I can follow a coup d'├ętat across the globe as it happens on Twitter. So the idea of a company still sending people out to bang on my door to try and sell me a set of Cutco knives feels a bit like having a wandering minstrel singing the news of the victory over the invading Saxons. Minus the cool lute and the awesome singing. I've officially become the crotchety old woman who has put a sign on her door hoping to ward off the daily intrusions.

Yesterday, some guy with a clip board and pamphlets under his arm stood at my door for a full five minutes, pounding like he lived here and was pissed that I'd locked him out. My dog barked like mad while I kept editing my manuscript; hoping that ignoring him would do the trick. After he gave up the ghost I noticed there wasn't even a pamphlet left on my door- some evidence of his diligence. Nothing. Why didn't I just answer the door? Because he was number three today.

Really. Enough. The No Solicitors sign went up this morning. Perhaps I should have added some warding spells or a garlic bunch for day-walkers... or maybe a Let's Go Cubs sign so they'd assume I'm completely crazy. (Hey, this could be the year.)