Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cups Running Over

As parents, we go along, living our lives and wondering if any of the thousands of hours we spent encouraging our children to "use their words" sank in far enough to become part of their daily practice.

Those same people who once dragged their blankie down a hallway with their story book in hand so you could read it to them in their favorite rocking chair, now wield a keyboard or a pen and paper and create their own wonder of words for others to experience.

My son has chosen a career path in the world of food and restaurant management. It was his major in college and now it is his life as he helps guide the day to day workings of a popular and highly rated Italian restaurant in Chicago's Lincoln Park district. I love that he's doing what he loves, but my heart was holding a space for him to do some writing too. He has a gift with words, and the crazy hours of restaurant world don't make for the easiest schedule to settle at your laptop and let the words flow.

Somehow, he made the time and I was thrilled today, to see that he's decided to blog ... about food. How perfect! His observations go beyond the usual recipes or wine pairing chatter. True to his inquisitive nature, he writes about underlying motivations of diners and food creators and he studies the memorable evenings we all treasure, gathered around a table laden with dishes and glasses, in the company of friends, laughter and stimulating conversation.

I have an imaginery "Mom" cup here; one that fills with joy and pride when I get to see what the people I love are doing in the world. Right now, it's running over.

Check out Mike's blog called Pursuit of Pasta:  http://pursuitofpasta.wordpress.com/

I'm a proud mom.