Thursday, December 13, 2012

Unconditional Puppy Love

It's beginning to look a lot like... the way it should look the rest of the year! Though the holidays have re-sized themselves in our home to accommodate less lavish soirees and gifting, they have also taken on the adult vibe that surrounds homes in between grown up kids and the world of grandchildren. Lots of people my age are grandparents and their homes are filled with electrical outlet safety caps, breakable items on high shelves and every holiday decoration they can find gracing any surface that exists. My house looked like that too, back when my kids were young.

We have arrived at that wonderful, comfortable place where our kids are adults now; intelligent, funny, creative and wonderful company and their visits home allow impromptu gourmet cooking adventures, marathon viewing of favorite movies and nights by the fireplace tucked in with the dogs and a glass of wine. I'm leaning into the fabulous Bohemian feel of having these "big people" days together because I know that soon enough, my home will reacquire that North Pole ambiance when, one day, little people will run my halls and the world will change again.

My daughter, Samm, has been inspired to use this holiday to gather things for our local Humane Society. I am so happy to see her stepping into a helping role again, as she does often. While other people her age are obsessing over which gift they want, what to wear to the holiday party or some relationship drama that has taken over their full attention, it is inspiring to watch as people step out of their own needs and wants and look to the needs of someone or something beyond themselves.  

In the spirit of reaching out to those who can't help themselves, how about looking into your own community to see if there is a cause you can give a little time, or a little money or a little love to?

If you're in Mid Michigan in the USA, you can help Samm by making a donation that will make the lives of some precious dogs and cats, just a little bit better this holiday season.
Here's her blog... check it out and I hope it inspires a similar project at your house, wherever in the world you may be.