Thursday, January 13, 2011

Disclaimer: I Am Not A Lunatic

OK. That's crap. I am, but that is a story for another day...
Welcome to my cozy little living room.

You're going to notice that I have uploaded 4 posts all on this very same day, January 13. 2011. Make that 5 with this one. But it's not really a post so it doesn't count. It is not because I am a lunatic, although that may be part of it.

Here's why the multi posts in one day-
This blog is four days old and I've had some friends that are not members of Weight Watchers Online asking where they can read my stuff, so I am taking one for the team and sharing my adventure in weight loss here on Bloggy World...which is how you found it. I have just now uploaded my first four "episodes" and I'm caught up to today, so future postings will be date correct.
That's it. Read on.
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