Monday, January 17, 2011

You Mean It's FAT Hair and THIN Body?

wake up neo...

Hahahahahahahaha. Wait. What? You mean it’s fat HAIR and THIN body? Darn it! I always get those two mixed up.

It’s interesting how we conveniently forget certain things we really should be remembering and remember things we really should be forgetting. Like that starve a fever thing; it’s feed a fever, feed a cold, right? And feed a headache and feed a heartache and feed a laugh and feed a cry and feed a memory and feed a sunset and… you get the picture. It's much easier to remember all these “details” when you can just slap a bacon band aide on everything and call it a day. Having to remember it right, truly, honestly would mean that we also have to remember getting out our own giant “Inconvenient Truth” erasers and using them, like a double espresso driven custodian on our life’s operating system.

My desktop is still running Windows XP. I went to remove a program I didn't want any more from the Program Manager and got the familiar message, "Please wait while the list is being populated." When I see that, I always think of a Sims computer game where you can add people and things and drama for more fun when you play. By the time my list finishes populating on my desktop, I'm always surprised to see just how many programs I actually have on this old machine! Some suck up a ton of room and some I installed ages ago and never use that just sit there quietly, minding their own business; or so I think.

While I waited for the full population to sign in, I wondered just how many programs I have inside my life that I am unaware are running in the background of my thoughts every single day.

There are child programs, sibling programs, teen programs, adult programs, girlfriend programs, lover programs, wife programs, mother programs, talent programs, work skill programs, creative programs, art programs, travel programs, communication programs, healthy food programs, crisis management programs, self image programs, self worth programs, self protection programs, protecting others programs, altruistic programs, scrappy street fighter programs, judge and jury programs, debate champion programs, guidance counselor programs, comedy programs, tragedy programs, and life guard over all things programs.

Those are just the ones I feel like recognizing. There's a truckload of other programs that I hope I don’t have, but probably do. (My Eraser works well too!) No doubt, there are even more that I do not have a clue what their purpose is or who put them there, but they're running in the background of my life and sucking up power from me every single day.


What was the first operating program anyway? I’m 56 this year, so my life must be running Windows AAP: Ancient Ass Program. 2011. Time to start the repair and removal process of outdated programs that cause me to glitch, freeze up, crash or beep and send out error messages into my life. This isn't going to be easy because a lot of these programs road in on the backs of other programs I installed on purpose and they sent out their spy-ware tentacles so even when you think you removed them, there's a sub-program that's hiding out down a dark sub conscious path waiting for a way back into the system.

I think the key to all this is recognizing when a mal-ware program is running interference with the really good programs that we could chose to run each day; like our healthy body program. So when you find yourself in a conversation that’s going south; even one between yourself and a box of Oreo’s, take a five minute break and go someplace where you can mentally hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and take a look at your own personal Task Manager to see just what is running the communication breakdown. Are you working from your family conflict program at a work meeting because a co-worker reminded you of a sibling just now? Instead of talking to Louise-super capable worker, were you holding a standoff with Sarah- the sister that still wishes she had been an only child? Are you and that gorgeous box of Oreos trying to sneak off to the No Tell Motel and have an afternoon together because something happened today and a roll in the cream filling has always made it “better” in the past? We can either clean out the programs that no longer serve us or ratchet up the frustration level hitting enter-enter-enter-enter!, while nothing changes. It's a choice.

Life is complicated.
Suffering is optional.


Brain Readjustment Department: MUSIC...
Bill Wither's Original Version of Lovely Day. You can not hear this and not sing along! I dare you!
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