Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now THAT'S Funny

I had every intention of getting up (as my grown kids say) at the @$s crack of dawn, writing a daily blog entry and heading out into the icy weather for my morning business meeting. Yeah. So that didn't happen.

Not wanting this day to go by without some laughing, I am going to share with you some stuff from a guy that makes me laugh so hard, coffee comes out my nose.

If you're not a Tweeter, this is a social networking tool that only allows 140 charcters per message. Here are some food related Twitter tweets from a truely demented man, Tim Siedell. He also has a new book for sale at Amazon called, "Marching Bands Are Just Homeless Orchestras." You can follow him on Twitter by his user name, BadBanana.
Take it away BadBanana~

When it comes to dieting, I'm finding the waking hours are the worst.

They should make vegetables out of something people want to eat.

I took the Special K cereal challenge. I didn't lose weight, but I did turn into a woman.

I like to draw a little Nike swoosh on my caramel apples so I look like a serious athlete at the gym.

Good news. Just finished the giant candy cane Santa brought me in 1975.

Day two of my raw food diet. Just ate a cold can of Beefaroni.

Tonight, I set foot inside a fitness center. Move the Doomsday Clock ahead one minute.

I've given up corn syrup in favor of candy corn syrup.

I've developed positive feelings towards my captors. Love you, couch and Cheetos.

My new diet is heavy on local, seasonal foods. Mostly Valentine's Day candy from the Walgreens down the street.

(And my personal favorite)...

Do you still call it a harmonica holder if you're only using it to hold fried chicken?

That's it today. Maybe it won't be so cold outside and my quilt won't be so warm tomorrow morning.....

Follow Tim (BadBanana) on Twitter, Facebook, or if you live in Nebraska where he does, you could just follow him around town. I'm SURE he would enjoy that as well.

Buy Tim's Book at www.amazon.com:

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